Welcome to Dixie Cotton Company! I hope you enjoy my website! All of my shirts feature John
Warr original artwork. Each one represents a story about our history or outdoor adventures. I
have always had a love for History and Hunting for as long as I can remember. Some of my
most cherished memories are with my dad and brother hunting and spending time together. It
really didn’t matter if we killed anything; it was the time spent learning about the game we were
after and the stories told at the end of the day. I hope to carry on the traditions and memories
with my boys and I hope they have the passion I have for the outdoors as I did at their age.

A few years back I was introduced to relic hunting with a metal detector. I can’t describe the
feeling of excitement when I pulled my first Civil War relic out of the ground and that feeling
hasn’t changed since. This opened up a whole new meaning of the word “hooked”! I have been
fortunate to build many relationships with some of the best known and respected relic hunters
and dealers over the past few years that have given me guidance and knowledge that I will to
pass on to my children.

I remember the first print I ever bought from John Warr was back in 1991 at Art in the Park in
Scottsboro, AL. I purchased the Alabama Duck Stamp he had drawn in 1989 and it had been
picked that year for the Alabama State Stamp. My brother had purchased one of his Civil War
pieces called Hangin’ Out Till The Smoke Clears. My passion for Civil War history and that print
had me buying every print he would put out over the years. I have always highly respected John
and his quality of artwork. After 20 years of being a devoted collector, I now call him my

Please check out his website at civilwarrart.com.