Hand-Cast Lead Cross




Dixie Cotton Company's Hand-Cast Crosses... Honoring the civil war soldier in their faith and beliefs of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, this cross represents many things about the personal side of the soldiers. Being a long way from home, many of these soldiers exhibited great devotion to God and their families. It also represents a common history, a common faith, and a common determination of the two opposing sides. With everything they had in common, they also had different dreams and ideas of the future, causing what would be an American tragedy of death and suffering for four long years. We cannot forget the bravery of these great soldiers in the history of our great country! The lead used to cast these crosses is from bullets that were shot in anger or dropped in the heat of battle from both the Confederate and Union soldiers. Civil War relic collector Patrick Stewart melts down the threats of America's past and casts them by fire into symbols of our devotion to God.Cast in fire from Civil War bullets. Hand-Cast Lead Cross with wooden base. Crosses are made from lead and may be harmful. All crosses are coated with a clear-coat sealant for added protection.

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